25 years of experience in sandblasting and shot blasting metal

COMPO-TEC S.r.l. was formed in 1989 in Desio (Milan) with the aim to produce spare parts for sandblasting, industrial sandblasting equipment and commercialized used sandblasting.

The marketing is dedicated to both the national and international markets. The store has a wide range of products, therefore COMPO-TEC is able to meet any demand of the customers by ensuring short delivery times.


During the years, the operations of COMPO-TEC has specialized in the production of compatible spare parts with high quality and for every brand on the market, refining and improving metallographic characteristics.


In order to provide a complete service, COMPO-TEC has organized an excellent sales network for the supply, as well as parts and sandblasting systems, also of steel shot for the mechanical sector in stainless steel and carbon: spherical, angular and cylindrical. Non-metallic abrasives: corundum, glass, garnet for sand blasting and water jet.


To achieve a high quality standard were performed searches in technological laboratories in order to create an alloy with high wear resistance characteristics, studies with companies that perform heat treatments to confer on that the constancy of alloy hardness and metallographic structure most suitable.


Customer satisfaction and continuous technical support pre-post sales is the priority of COMPO-TEC.

For more than 25 years in the field of applications related to the use of steel shot, COMPO-TEC has always been organized and managed according to strong and indisputable ethical values, that put customer satisfaction at the center of its work, from the phases of mentoring technical pre-sales to the production and delivery of products and to the post-sales service, never forgetting values such as professionalism and courtesy.

Focus on the customer

  • Technical office

    Our designers design software with 2D-3D each part personalizing technical specifications necessary for every need.

  • Research and development

    Through the partnership with top companies in the metallurgical industry, We seek ever more efficient aluminum alloy for the production of our parts.

  • Production process and storage

    Each spare part is produced to fit high quality standards, doing a sample check and operating all processes in an integrated and computerized way the warehouse, ensuring speed and accuracy in delivery time.

  • Pre-sales support

    Our engineering department assists the customer in choosing the parts that suit their needs.

  • After sales support

    Our customer care constantly supports the customer with maintenance services and provides solutions at questions about operations and installations.