Spare parts for sandblasters

The propelling of the abrasive media while the preparation, cleaning, roughening, abrasion etc. of the pieces to be treated, also generates the wear-out of the machine parts in contact with the grit and those parts must be either controlled and/or replaced at the end of their service life in order to ensure the continuity of the quality process and the structure safeguarding of the machine itself.

COMPO-TEC provides all the spare parts for the main groups forming the shot blasting plant with specific attention to those that suffer wear due to the abrasive impact.

Thanks to the technical competence of its Team, COMPO-TEC has identified the best metal alloys and the best polymers necessary to ensure spare parts with maximum performance compatible with the minimum wear.

Below are the main groups and their components, which are usually in stock at our plant.

Archimede screwShow details
BearingShow details
BladeShow details
Body turbineShow details
Bolts and nutsShow details
Complete belt conveyorShow details
Control cageShow details
Cups for rubber beltShow details
Fan for filtersShow details
Filter bagsShow details
Filter cartridgesShow details
Floor liningShow details
Front wear plateShow details
Grit hopperShow details
Grit pipeShow details
HookShow details
ImpellerShow details
LabyrinthShow details
Lateral wear plateShow details
LinkShow details
Manganese partsShow details
MatShow details
Para rubberShow details
Parts in hardened steelShow details
Parts in K100 (1.2379)Show details
Parts in K110 (1.2380)Show details
PinShow details
PinionShow details
PulleyShow details
RubberShow details
Rubber beltShow details
Rubber hoseShow details
Runnerhead hubShow details
Seal for coverShow details
Side wear plateShow details
SlatShow details
Top wear plateShow details
Tungsten nozzleShow details
Turbine bodyShow details
Turbine coverShow details
ValveShow details
Venturi tubesShow details
WheelShow details
Wheel runnerShow details
Wheel shaftShow details