Turbine spare parts

The abrasive media lunch system is composed of the following components:

BearingShow details
BladeShow details
Body turbineShow details
Control cageShow details
Grit hopperShow details
Grit pipeShow details
ImpellerShow details
LabyrinthShow details
Lateral wear plateShow details
Parts in hardened steelShow details
Parts in K100 (1.2379)Show details
Parts in K110 (1.2380)Show details
Rubber hoseShow details
Runnerhead hubShow details
Seal for coverShow details
Side wear plateShow details
Top wear plateShow details
Tungsten nozzleShow details
Turbine bodyShow details
Turbine coverShow details
ValveShow details
Venturi tubesShow details
Wheel runnerShow details
Wheel shaftShow details