Founded in 1989 by entrepreneurs with a passion for metallurgic industry, COMPO-TEC year after year has added more value in the sector of metal surfaces pre-treatment.

The using of increasingly high-performance sandblasting machines and shot blasting machines, has given a new direction to the company towards the continuous search for anti-wear alloys for consumable components and more appropriate grits to achieve the necessary quality for customers processing.

Spare parts for sand blasting machines

Are you looking for spare parts for your sandblasting machine?

COMPO-TEC provides all the spare parts for the main groups forming the shot blasting plant with specific attention to those that suffer wear due to the abrasive impact.

Compo-tec S.r.l.

Best-selling spare parts


Spare blade
for sandblasting and shot blasting machines


Spare throttle
for sandblasting and shot blasting machines

Control cage

Spare control cage
for sandblasting and shot blasting machines

Wheel runner

Spare wheel runner
for sandblasting and shot blasting machines


Steel cut wire shots

Steel cut wire shots are produced by cutting mechanically wires of various chemical composition (steel, copper, aluminium or alloys)…

Cast stainless steel grits

Cast Stainless Steel grits are produced by casting C steel adding elements like Cr-Ni followed by the atomization of the liquid metal…

High carbon steel grits

The high carbon steel grits are cast in arc shape ovens, granulated from liquid metal and then heat treated…


Non-metallic abrasive grits come from the crushing and the selection of materials which determine their commercial belonging according to the chemical elements that compose them…


The Garnet is an abrasive of mineral origin, belonging to the Garnet group, that is normally available in some areas of the floodplains…

Glass Grits

Glass Grits are produced by crushing glass scraps carefully selected according to their chemical elements…

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