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What is the Corundum?

Non-metallic abrasive grits come from the crushing and the selection of materials, which determine their commercial belonging according to the chemical elements that compose them. Corundum is basically an aluminium oxide (Al2O3) whose colouring is defined by the content of other elements (Fe, Ti, etc). Industrially the synthetic corundum coming from the bauxite after a heat treatment is preferred. The good specific weight and the high grade of hardness enable to obtain an excellent grade of abrasiveness on the sandblasted workpieces.
  • RED BROWN CORUNDUM is indicated for the cleaning and to obtain the roughness of surfaces in general that are then either painted or coated with other covering elements.
  • WHITE CORUNDUM is indicated for the cleaning and the surface preparation of materials used in industrial sectors with high technical content (aeronautics, special alloys, glass, plastics)
The corundum grits are exclusively angular in shape with sharp edges and they are produced in different grain sizes. The corundum grit (either burgundy or white) is usually sprayed using nozzle free-jet sandblasting machines (with either compressed air for dry processing or with pressurised water for humid processing).